About & Rates

Introductory Visit:
During the 3 hour Introductory Visit we assess the reasons behind the organizational challenges in your home or office, and give you personalized strategies to address these issues. Upon completion of the assessment, you receive a customized plan outlining how to modify your systems and space to create a more organized home or home office. As you institute these changes I am available to troubleshoot and guide you, free, by phone or email, for one year. $180.00

Hands-On Help Organizing Your Space:
Pay by the hour –five hour minimum. Contracting by the hour I roll up my sleeves and get right in there with you to clear out and organize your cluttered areas. As we physically transform your space together I will be able to guide you on good organizational practices, help you process how you want to use your space and which items deserve pride of place, suggest the containers and storage systems that are most appropriate for your unique possessions, provide information regarding your local auction houses, consignment shops, charities and waste disposal services, and trouble shoot challenges as they occur. Once the project is complete, I am available, free, by phone or email, for one year, to iron out any problems with your new organizational system.
$60.00/hour -4 hour minimum

Continued Support:
After completion of the organizing project, Chronically Disorganized, ADD/ADHD, physically frail, or overcommitted/overworked clients may wish for a greater degree of physical involvement above and beyond the year of free guidance by phone or email. These individuals can schedule regularly recurring maintenance sessions to keep them on track and/or help them stay organized during high stress events, lifestyle changes and transitions, such as a move, a wedding, the birth of a child, or the death of a loved one. Others may wish to schedule regular ‘body doubling’ sessions in which I am present to ‘lend focus’ during on-going tasks like bill paying. The frequency, type and duration of these continued support sessions will vary with each client’s individual needs and challenges.

Cancellation Policy
Any project that finishes earlier than estimated may naturally result in the cancellation of work days. The client will not be penalized for getting a job done ahead of schedule and under budget. Therefore all cancelled work days that come at the end of a completed project do not count as cancellations under the following rules.
Both the client and Professional Organizer shall be considerate of each other’s time and schedules by making every effort to keep appointments. By the same token both client and PO will be reasonable and flexible forgiving a very occasional cancellation if emergencies arise.

Three or more cancellations or reschedules may result in the implementation of the following cancellation policy: The PO will make reasonable efforts to find another client to take the appointment. If another booking is procured the cancellation fee will be waived. If no other client can take the appointment the original client will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to a minimum work day (5 hours).