Organizing Tips

“For there is music wherever there is harmony, order, or proportion…”
Sir Thomas Browne

  1. Keep it Simple by reducing inventory and reducing steps
  2. Reduce inventory (cull, weed, purge) until the quantity of inventory conforms to the available storage.
  3. Store things where you use them
  4. Give everything a home
  5. Arrange your possessions within activity areas or “zones”
  6. Store your possessions on the wall or on a shelf, never on the floor.
  7. Take advantage of vertical storage space by replacing small shelves and bureaus with TALL shelves and tall bureaus
  8. Don’t keep building storage, reduce inventory
  9. Avoid stacking –if you have to move something to get to, or put away, a desired item, you will be less likely to both retrieve the desired item and, more importantly, to restore said item to its proper place, once you are done with it.
  10. If you haven’t used it in a year, discard it. (file or toss mail the minute you open the mail -don’t add it to a pile you’ll have to sort again later).
  11. Duplicate where necessary to store things where you use them- (toilet bowl brush in every bathroom)
  12. Eliminate items that unnecessarily duplicate functions (hand can opener OR electric can opener, not both.)
  13. Don’t overcrowd shelving, cabinets and drawers –make things easy to access and more importantly easy to put away.
  14. Name your cabinets and shelves (dish cabinet, sock drawer) to remind you that only eponymous items are stored therein
  15. Make sure the ‘rough storage’ areas in your home are well lit and easily accessible.